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    Fulfilment of a longing


A universe emerges

The wildest ideas, the nicest dreams and the greatest successes are all possible when people follow their intuition. Family Hinteregger, South Tyrol Hoteliers for generations, have done just this and discovered the place of the century in a mountain forest on the Plose – a place full of energy, a place above all things and one that touches the real meaning of life.

Courageous and vigorous, caring und sensitive: This is Family Hinteregger and especially Stefan and Teresa, your hosts at the Hideaway FORESTIS. For generations their family is rooted in South Tyrol and so it is a matter of the heart for them to preserve the original character of their homeland. After undertaking international training courses and journeys to the most beautiful places in the world in the last few years they have gradually turned their minds to what they call their own, namely the unique spot on the Plose. And so the decision was finally made to focus their attention on the primordial nature surrounding FORESTIS.

You don’t find a place like the FORESTIS – it finds you. Years ago Alois Hinteregger, Stefan’s father, discovered a broad roof in the middle of the mountain forest. Every time he drove past it he took a closer look, his intuition telling him that there was something great hidden there. Then one day in summer he stopped, climbed down an overgrown path and stood still in amazement. There in a forest glade amongst the fir trees, spruce, pine and larch was an historic building impressively formed for over a century by the powers of nature.

Alois Neu


Alois Hinteregger was touched at the sight of this building that had stood there for so many years and impressed with the peasantness of the rooms and the wide-reaching views over the Dolomites. He went there over and over again during the summer months, feeling the serenity and effortless atmosphere of this place. And as he stood there his longing grew – to create a hotel here and share this unique place of energy with others.

Today the whole Hinteregger family does this, especially Stefan and Teresa. They follow the original atmosphere of this landscape and celebrate the simplicity of nature at the height of elegance. At an altitude of 1,800 meters and surrounded by mountain forest there is no place for inauthentic feelings, here truthfulness matters. Hospitality is practiced by the Hinteregger family totally authentically: genuine and honest attentiveness, encounters, goodwill and the ability to listen are all important. The FORESTIS is the fulfilment of a long-held yearning. It give time back to the people.