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Nature has been generous to Palmschoss. The pure spring-water, the fresh mountain air, many hours of sunshine and mild climate make up the four foundations of FORESTIS. Following the example of the Celts and their natural doctrine, the FORESTIS Spa combines these four elements of nature with four trees: mountain pine, spruce, larch and stone pine.

FORESTIS Spa Pool FORESTIS Lichtschatten




    The indoor and outdoor pool brings the element of water into a new and beautiful combination with stone. The rock type dolomite is responsible for the exceptional purity of the waters of the Plose mountain, which also fills the stone pool.

  • FORESTIS Sauna


    The tradition of cleansing the body in sauna sessions comes from the Northern European culture. The saunas are furnished with natural wood and stone. Due to the heat, the wood releases essential oils, which also have a healing and calming effect.

  • FORESTIS Spa Ruheraum

    Silence Rooms

    Peace and quiet is one of the main qualities of Palmschoss and healthy sleep is the most important pre-condition for regeneration. The Silence Rooms allow the experience of absolute peace and put the body into a deep state of relaxation.

  • Wyda Raum

    Wyda Room

    The Wyda Room is furnished with the local materials of wood, glass, stone and fabrics, which act on each other here as energy fields and combine. Millennia-old energy exercises are practised in this room. Wyda, the yoga of the Celts.

  • FORESTIS Fitness

    Fitness Room

    The fitness area is always open all day to allow individual training on the equipment. The fitness concept, of course, extends further into nature, which offers beautiful routes for jogging and mountain biking.

  • FORESTIS Spa Behandlung

    Treatment Rooms

    The door to the treatment rooms leads to spaces of stillness. The acoustic design of this area keeps out every distraction. Each moment of the application can be felt here in its entirety. The treatment rooms offer healing therapies in combination with touching techniques individually adapted to each person.

FORESTIS Spa Behandlung


All FORESTIS treatments are signature treatments and are based on the principle of the four trees, the four healing woods, the four healing stones, and the four tree frequencies. These signature treatments are preceded by a conversation in which the therapist determines the individual’s needs.

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The alpine location of FORESTIS, 1,800 m above sea-level, offers ideal conditions for maintaining health, strengthening the constitution and recuperating in accordance with preventive and high-altitude medicine. A wide range of retreats has been developed in cooperation with experts to incorporate the value of the surroundings and the effect of nature into the preventive and healing measures. The location has positive effects on the body after only a short while, and holistic regeneration will begin.



In its approach to health, FORESTIS attaches primary importance to physical exercise. Ski-in, ski-out, snowshoeing, hiking, biking and the fitness room, plus the energy exercises of Wyda Yoga are among the sporting activities available.

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