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UNESCO World Heritage, the Dolomites

They are regarded as one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world and as such are part of UNESCO World Heritage: The Dolomites in South Tyrol. In the FORESTIS you are at eye level with the mountains and look out over the craggy summits of the Geisler Peaks. Over a hundred years ago their rugged limestone faces had already impressed a team of experts from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy who recognized and wanted to make full use of this unique place of energy hidden in the mountain forest.

In the Hideaway FORESTIS you are eye-to-eye with one of the loveliest mountain ranges in the world: the Dolomites in South Tyrol. Steep stone reefs, imposing peaks and needles of rugged rock alternate with gentle mountain meadow slopes, broad high valley and dense forests. This harmonious and spectacular composition of nature’s elements, was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2009.

The Dolomites arose millions of years ago when the African continent shifted towards Europe and stone massifs rose to a mighty mountain range. Some of the rock turrets of the Dolomites belong to the highest limestone rock walls of the world. Across from the FORESTIS imposing summits, the Geisler Peaks, constantly provide new spectacles of nature – in the mornings appearing in a velvety dark violet blue, at midday shining in silver gray and in the evenings kissed by the sun with a delicate pink radiance.

This is a journey through time

The unique place of energy FORESTIS is situated in a mountain forest on the Plose massif, above the hamlet of Palmschoss – facing the Dolomites. Over one hundred years ago plans were made in Vienna to introduce here a healthy climate resort of European renown. The site was chosen by a team of experts from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy because of the harmonious interplay of four incomparably good conditions that are still valid today:

The many hours of sunshine that invigorate body and soul and warm your heart. The pure mountain air on the Plose that gives your body and lungs new strength. The agreeable climate zone enjoyed by Palmschoss, where the warm south winds from Mediterranean meet the cool north winds from the mountains and give rise to a uniquely mild climate on the mountain. And last but not least the soft spring water from the Plose that has been scientifically proven as one of the best mountain spring waters in Europe, crystal clear as it gushes out from the depths of the mountain and a true elixir of life.

The end of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy prevented the great plans for a spa resort on the Plose. And in the end the building for the sanatorium, originally designed by the Vienna architect Otto Wagner, was then also built differently. The unique energy of this place, however, still remains unchanged after a hundred years.