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    Stone - an element of transience


The philosophy of FORESTIS is based on four fundamental reasons. They were decisive for the fact that the Austrian monarchy wanted to build a large pulmonary sanatorium here in Palmschoß in 1912.

One of these reasons is the extraordinary water quality. The spring water of the Plose comes from 50 m above the FORESTIS. Since prehistoric time, it has pushed its way through the rock layers of the Ploseberg, preserving a purity that is unique in Europe. It is this rock that gives the architectural concept of FORESTIS the impulse for the first chapter of this story.

By taking stone – specifically dolomite stone – as an element, FORESTIS has selected a local material that contains a power that has evolved over millions of years. While untreated natural stone has traditionally characterized the surrounding areas – think of the foundations of rustic Alpine farmhouses – FORESTIS uses purely naturally processed dolomite to create a timeless architecture: the ancient warmth of the stone radiates into the room to produce a completely new tone in combination with the clean appearance of the smooth surfaces.

To produce these closed, sleek surfaces of pure natural stone, blocks of dolomite are crushed in a mill, where they are ground to dust and finely sifted. Once mixed together with water and a small amount of equally fine clay soil, the result is a soft, compact mass that can easily be moulded using a spatula and applied while still wet. The dried surfaces are then sealed with wax, giving them a stable, waterproof and particularly hygienic quality.

Dolomite is an indigenous type of rock that runs through almost every room of the hotel: the walls, sinks and bathtubs, pool, spa and restaurant all consist of stylishly prepared dolomite stone that originates from the property of the FORESTIS.

»Stone is one of the most massive natural materials. The spatula finish allows for restrained, soft shapes.«

Armin Sader, architect