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A place that gives time back to the people

The FORESTIS gives time back to the people: on a unique place of energy at the heart of a mountain forest on the Plose – high above Bressanone, at 1,800 meters, close to the stars and at eye level with the peaks of the Dolomites, part of UNESCO world heritage. Here you feel the power and the simplicity of nature, a place that touches a deeper meaning of life.

Fir trees, spruce, pine and larch – the spires of the forest sway under clear skies on the Plose. Down below is a mountain road that winds its way up, steeper and steeper, higher and higher. Amongst the rustling of the pine trees you quickly feel the magic of this landscape in which the Hideaway FORESTIS is embedded: With every curve in the road, time becomes slower and slower – until at some point it seems to stand still. Now the silence begins to sing.

The mountain road continues up to Palmschoss, a small spot in the Plose mountain range, where the eternal companion of the skies appears: the Dolomites with their silver-gray limestone faces, recognized as world heritage by UNESCO. One mountain peak follows the next, just as it has been for millions of years. Birds lift off from the trees, spreading their wings and flying across the skies. The car door closes. Thoughts are chased away as the heart fills. At this place, at the FORESTIS, it is not important »to do« but simply »to be«.

Here it is important »to be«

The historic building FORESTIS was originally planned as sanatorium for officials of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. It lies in a unique place of energy in a mountain forest on the Plose. For a hundred years it has been formed by nature and now has contemporary companions: Close to the stars and at eye level with the peaks of the Dolomites the views are exhilarating. And so are the insights.

A 1,800 meters above sea level there is no room for doubts. Here only fundamental elements matter: air, water, sun. Wood and stone. The FORESTIS celebrates the simplicity of nature with utmost elegance – the exclusive interior design, the culinary concept as well as the spa principles with return-to nature effect and in essence ingrained in the original nature of this mountain landscape. Breathe, look, live. The FORESTIS is a place that gives time back to people and touches a deeper meaning of life.