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The Clarity of Spring

The spring air in the mountains is especially clear and pure after the cold winters. The altitude – FORESTIS is located at just under 1,800 m above sea-level – and the dense woodland also ensure that the air has a composition which high-altitude medicine regards as ideal for strengthening the lungs and circulation.

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Wyda Raum

The Peace of the Forest

While the leaf buds of the trees are still tightly shut, the first signs of spring start to stir on the forest floor. The chef, who knows the area well, seeks out fresh wild herbs for the evening menu and precious ingredients can already be found here and there while strolling through the quiet spring forest.

FORESTIS Fruehling

Excursion into the Spring Valley

Spring awakens earlier in the valley than in the mountains. The botanical diversity of colours and flowering shrubs, which can only really be seen in full effect in the spring, is especially vivid in the nearby »Frühlingstalele« or »spring valley«. Snowdrops, crocuses and colourful shrubs line the whole path through forests and vineyards.

FORESTIS Sternenhimmel

The Night Sky in Spring

After winter the air in the mountains is so clear that the night-time constellations are easily visible even with the naked eye. The Milky Way stretches out over the Dolomites, and on a cloudless night the white rock will even reflect the distant light of the stars.

FORESTIS Feuerstelle

At the End of the Day

The evening air is still cool in spring, but it draws people outdoors. Wrapped up snugly in a blanket, you can already sit on the terrace longer, in front of the crackling heat of the fire bowl, with a good glass of red wine in your hand.