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    The perfect day
    in summer


The discovery of lightness

The sun is the element of healing power. Its light not only brightens up the landscape but also people’s moods. Its warmth enables nature to grow and shifts the focus of life outdoors for people and animals.

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Excursion to the Pragser Wildsee

With its idyllic landscape, the Pragser Wildsee is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites. The crystal-clear water reflects the forests lining the lake, and also the rocky mountainsides, which rise up to the highest elevations of the Alpine crest immediately behind the lake. This landscape is especially delightful when experienced from the water, and wooden boats can be hired from the old boat shed.


Wyda Yoga

The forest teaches mindfulness and awakens the desire to experience oneself again in one’s wholeness. The conscious experiencing of the forest is based on the ancient philosophy of the Celtic druids, who settled in our part of the world and here acquired their great knowledge of the healing powers of forest meditation and natural elements. New dimensions of self-awareness can be experienced when bathing in the woods, hiking barefoot, and especially in the Wyda, the old energy exercises of the Celts.

FORESIS Gewitter

Storm in the Dolomites

The weather in the mountains follows completely different laws than in the mild valleys. Damp masses of air accumulate to form towering clouds in a matter of minutes. On hot summer days, this pent-up energy is released in an intense and loud discharge. Thunder and lightning are reflected in the echo from slopes and rock faces and offer a genuine spectacle of the forces of nature.