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The purifying peace of winter

Winter sees the landscape around FORESTIS covered with snow and ice. Sunny days alternate with periods of heavy snowfall. The cold purifies nature and immerses the woods in a tranquillity that brings profound recuperation to those out walking.

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The power of water

Getting out of a warm bed in the morning and immediately reaching for a large glass of water: the peace of winter in the mountains improves one’s awareness for the needs of one’s own body. Above the hotel, the spring-water emerges from the Plose mountain: it is appreciated for its purifying effects resulting from its fine mineral content. This water is also regarded as ideal for the preparation of tea ceremonies. After spending time outdoors, a cup of tea in the afternoon welcomes you with its pleasant warmth.

FORESTIS Winterschlaf

Nature in hibernation

In winter, nature rests, and in the months of January and February the peace of the landscape is mostly emphasised by the soft shapes of a thick blanket of snow. The snow-covered forest floor reveals the traces of every movement, human and animal. Winter hikes lead over narrow paths and frozen streams to mountain huts that also offer shelter to those seeking warmth in winter.

FORESTIS Aufwärmen

Warming up

The winter cold demands energy from the body. After a day spent hiking or skiing, the body asks for rest and warmth. In a massage the meridians are stimulated, and the body is once more filled with warmth. There are still a few hours before the evening meal: why not spend them reading a good book in the warm serenity of the quiet room?

FORESTIS Weihnacht

Christmas in the mountains

The South Tyroleans attach great importance to old traditions, with those connected to Christmas very firmly anchored in their regional culture. The family celebrates the most important festival of the year with a festive meal, the giving of presents and midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The Advent time sees towns and villages setting up colourful markets, where chestnuts, Christmas biscuits and mulled wine are all served and Christmas decorations, candles and South Tyrolean craft items are sold.