A universe emerges


The Hideaway FORESTIS

in the mountain forests of Plose

Close to the stars and at eye level with the peaks of the Dolomites, part of UNESCO world heritage: In a mountain forest at an altitude of 1,800 meters on the Plose Massif, high above Bressanone, the Hinteregger family, as hoteliers in South Tyrol for generations, have created a unique place of energy. It is a place that rises above the mundane and touches a deeper meaning of life. A universe emerges – the Hideaway FORESTIS.


1st March 2019

The power of simplicity

A place that gives time back to the people 

The FORESTIS gives time back to the people: on a unique place of energy at the heart of a mountain forest on the Plose – high above Bressanone, at 1,800 meters, close to the stars and at eye level with the peaks of the Dolomites, part of UNESCO world heritage. Here you feel the power and the simplicity of nature, a place that touches a deeper meaning of life. 

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11th March 2019

Harmony of the elements

UNESCO World Heritage, the Dolomites

They are regarded as one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world and as such are part of UNESCO World Heritage: The Dolomites in South Tyrol. In the FORESTIS you are at eye level with the mountains and look out over the craggy summits of the Geisler Peaks. Over a hundred years ago their rugged limestone faces had already impressed a team of experts from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy who recognized and wanted to make full use of this unique place of energy hidden in the mountain forest. 


18th May 2019

Fulfilment of a longing

A universe emerges

The wildest ideas, the nicest dreams and the greatest successes are all possible when people follow their intuition. Family Hinteregger, South Tyrol Hoteliers for generations, have done just this and discovered the place of the century in a mountain forest on the Plose – a place full of energy, a place above all things and one that touches the real meaning of life. 


18th July 2019

Story of an Amazing Finding

The small hut on the Plose mountain belonging to the Hinteregger family looked down on the roof of a mysterious building, long since abandoned to nature. Until recently, no one knew what it was. 


15th October 2019

Stone - an element of transience

The philosophy of FORESTIS is based on four fundamental reasons. They were decisive for the fact that the Austrian monarchy wanted to build a large pulmonary sanatorium here in Palmschoß in 1912.


During rebuilding of the FORESTIS, we would like to welcome you to our ODLES LODGE: At 2,000 meters in the little Chalet Village Kreuztal on the Plose Massif, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the mountains, absolute privacy in the whole lodge and the clear designs of real wood for true relaxation.


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