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The FORESTIS treatments are all based on the individually developed principle of the four trees, the four healing woods, the four healing stones and the four tree frequencies. The FORESTIS facial and body care line is also based on the teachings of the trees. Each of these trees - mountain pine, spruce, larch and Swiss stone pine - possesses various active ingredients, frequencies and material substances that allow the human body to regenerate deeply and effectively.

  • FORESTIS Spa Methode

    Forest tree circle ceremony

    • Tree circle ceremony

      • The tree circle ceremony is based upon a concept of touch that is integrated into a sequence of ritual behaviours. Four tree
        species – spruce, larch, stone pine and mountain pine – can be chosen from within the circle. Each tree has different vibrations
        that are triggered by sound frequencies. The ceremony begins with the selection of a suitable healing wood, which is selected from the touch, appearance and above all scent of the four woods.
        The decision is made intuitively, trusting that each person will choose the most appropriate wood according to their current constitution and seasonal needs.

        The scent of the chosen tree is then circulated throughout the room and the entire body is cleansed during a wrapping technique that prepares the face and body for absorbing the beneficial properties of the application. During the ritual, the wooden stick is first used, thus releasing tensions, followed by the corresponding healing stone, which vibrates at the same sound frequency and activates the body’s own energies to bring the conscious back into harmony with the unconscious.

        180 min 470 €
  • FORESTIS Waldanwendungen


    • Facial care

      • Following analysis of the skin type, thorough deep cleansing of the skin pores is performed using the most suitable cosmetic products. A special Anti Age treatment produces a fresh-looking complexion, relaxing the facial contours with a firming effect. A special combination of moisturising and nourishing cosmetic products and techniques ensures effective, long-lasting results.

        50 min 150 €
        80 min 210 €
    • Mountain pine body scrub

      • The FORESTIS body scrub begins with the gentle removal of dead skin cells. The rich active ingredients of the treatment penetrate deep into the skin and accelerate cell renewal, leaving your skin looking younger and more radiant.

        50 min 95 €
  • FORESTIS Spa Behandlung


    • Healing wood

      • The body is touched using a special pressure technique with selected wooden sticks that are attuned to the natural flow of the body. The sound frequencies bring the body back into balance.

        Individual 50 min partial body 105 €
        Individual 80 min whole body 145 €
        Couple 50 min partial body 210 €
        Couple 80 min whole body 290 €
    • Healing stone

      • Healing stones that are specially attuned to the energy system of each body are placed on the most important energy points of the body. Gentle touch and sound frequencies bring the right and left sides of the body into harmony, and this release energy.

        Individual 50 min partial body 105 €
        Individual 80 min whole body 145 €
        Couple 50 min partial body 210 €
        Couple 80 min whole body 290 €
    • Body meridian

      • Physical balance is not only based on consciousness, but rather extends across mental, psychological and physical levels at the same time. The combination of aromatherapy and tree frequencies with breathing work resolves existing blockades and has a very relaxing effect.

        Individual 50 min partial body 105 €
        Individual 80 min whole body 145 €
        Couple 50 min partial body 210 €
        Couple 80 min whole body 290 €
    • Energy flow

      • A massage that comprises strokes, stretches and special pressure techniques and is adapted to the individual needs of the body in order to achieve sustained relief from tension.

        50 min partial body 95 €
        80 min whole body 140 €
        Couple 50 min partial body 190 €
        Couple 80 min whole body 280 €
  • FORESTIS Spa Behandlung


    • Manicure

      • Hand scrub, hand and nail care with hand massage
        70 min 95 €
    • Pedicure

      • Foot scrub, foot and nail care with foot massage

        70 min 115 €
    • Eye area

      • Eyebrow shaping 25 €
        Dyeing eyebrows or eyelashes 45 €
    • Hair removal

      • Underarms 25 €
        Bikini area 40 €
        Lower legs to knees 45 €
        Whole legs 65 €
        Top lip or chin 20 €
        Chest or back 45 €
    • Nails

      • Polish 20 €
        Gel polish 45 €
        Removing gel polish 30 €
  • FORESTIS Private Spa

    Private Spa

    • Private Spa

      • The Private Spa is aimed at couples who wish to spend time together in an undisturbed atmosphere so as to achieve physical and mental regeneration. The spacious rooms are equipped with a steam bath, a bathtub with views of the Dolomites, two massage beds and a daybed. The treatment ceremony begins with a purifying mountain pine scrub, followed by a holistic cleansing ritual and a revitalising massage for the couple with aromatic forest oils. A forest salt bath and a steam bath then help to relax and warm the body. Following treatment we recommend a brief rest accompanied by light servings of food and drink to restore the body’s energy levels.

        - Mountain pine body scrub
        - Healing wood massage
        - Steam bath session
        - Forest salt bath
        - Rest on the daybed

        Private spa 3 hours for two people 655 €
  • FORESTIS Spa Packages

    Spa packages

    • Water

      • This healing raw material is the basis for life. In combination with organic products, the water mineralises and cleanses the body.

        - Mountain pine body scrub 50 min
        - Body meridian massage 80 min
        - Manicure 70 min
        - Facial care »Anti Age« 80 min

        Package price 490 €
    • Air

      • The power of the air provides our body with deep strength. This inner peace affects our energy and our wellbeing.

        - Mountain pine body scrub 50 min
        - Energy flow massage 80 min
        - Facial care »Anti Age« 80 min
        - Pedicure 70 min

        Package price 505 €
    • Sun

      • The natural element of sun harmonises the mind. The outer appearance comes into aesthetic balance.

        - Mountain pine body scrub 50 min
        - Facial care »Anti Age« 80 min
        - Manicure 70 min
        - Pedicure 70 min

        Package price 465 €
    • Climate

      • In the teachings of Celtic mythology, natural phenomena have a regenerating effect. Recovery regulates a holistic health effect.

        - Healing wood massage 80 min
        - Healing stone massage 80 min
        - Facial care »Anti Age« 80 min
        - Manicure 70 min

        Package price 540 €