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In Palmschoss, water of a globally unique quality springs from a natural source. This light spring-water is cleansing and renewing, and enjoying it leads to new vitality.


Around 50 metres above FORESTIS, the clear water of the Plose mountain emerges from an artesian spring. The rock from which it springs guarantees that the purity, quality and temperature of the water remains consistent throughout the year. It is also responsible for its exceptional composition. With a dry residue of only 22 mg per litre and a pH-value of 6.6, which corresponds to that of human cells, it is among the purest and lightest waters in the world.

The human body is 60% water and the quality of the water that we consume makes a decisive contribution to our vitality and well-being. Light, soft water is substantially better than rich mineral waters for rinsing harmful substances from the body. Furthermore, it contains a large amount of natural oxygen, which also promotes cell renewal. Thanks to the light, natural carbon dioxide, it restores the acid alkaline balance, and strengthens bones and teeth.

The connection between water and rock in nature is also adopted and reflected in FORESTIS. Stone carafes in the suites and spring-water wells at various sites, symbolise the drinking water making its way through the rock to the surface. Another special feature is the natural, beautiful shaping of the stone in the washbasins, bathtubs and pools. The warm and inviting shapes emphasise the quality of the water and it vitalises the body through bathing, swimming and drinking.