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The air at 1,800 m above sea-level has very unique qualities. Its purity and its special composition restore the body’s original strength and energy.

Far away from traffic and everyday life, the mountain air – free from harmful substances – boasts properties that high-altitude medicine describes as being especially conducive to the strengthening of the body. The different oxygen level in the mountains is a real challenge for the body and brings the interplay of lungs and cardiovascular system into top form. Thanks to the clean mountain air, the lungs are better supplied with blood and the body absorbs oxygen more effectively. As a result, the improvement in oxygen transportation stimulates the organism to form an increased number of red blood corpuscles and blood flow improves, due to which the cells are supplied with more fresh oxygen. Cell regeneration takes place more swiftly.

The excellent air quality is our greatest asset. FORESTIS combines its clarity with the transparency of glass. The floor-to-ceiling windows made of natural ore materials emphasise the air’s purity, which gives people new strength, as well as wonderful views of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site.